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Nestled at the foot of Big Hill in the Bow Valley west of Calgary, the Rockyview Hotel and its saloon are among the oldest establishments of their kind in Alberta that are still standing and in operation.  A monument to our past, and the cornerstone of historic downtown Cochrane, the Hotel and saloon have been offering food, spirits and safe haven for over a hundred years.

During Alberta’s early years, it was illegal in many municipalities for men and women to “consort” with each other while consuming alcoholic spirits.  They would climb in their horse and buggy, or take the train, or, if they were lucky, drive one of them new-fangled automobiles a few miles west to Cochrane for a little company with the opposite sex over a cold drink.  Sometimes this sinful activity would lead to dancing or singing and the couples would stay late into the night, before heading back to Calgary or upstairs to a Hotel room.

Today, the saloon, now known as The Texas Gate, and the Rockyview Hotel are still frequented by visitors looking for a relaxing picturesque day trip, or a base of operations from which to explore Calgary and the Rocky Mountains.  And of course, the historic establishment retains a special spot in the heart of locals, many of whom can trace their families back to the early days of the Hotel and Cochrane.


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The success of every outfit depends on its hard-working staff, whether it’s a cowpoke herding stock on a ranch, or a hand riding combine at wheat harvest, we’re no different.  We’re proud of our quality food and our friendly service and we have an amazing staff to thank for our success over the years.


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One of the oldest businesses of its type still in continuous operation in Alberta, we’re proud of our heritage and our history.  We don’t spread sawdust on the floor anymore, but we still kick up our heels and have a great time!